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3 Inspirational Weight-Loss Success Stories (and Their Secret)

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3 Inspirational Weight-Loss Success Stories (and Their Secret)

Could money motivate you to lose weight?

Honestly, you might be surprised. (The human brain is such a weird, mystical organ.)

We’ve talked to dozens of people who’ve bet on their weight-loss goals through a wellness company called HealthyWage.

Here’s how it works: You place a bet on your weight-loss goals. If you meet your goal within the designated time frame, you’ll get a cash prize. If not, you’ll lose the amount you bet.

Now the question is: Is this too good to be true?

3 Women Who Won Up to $5,300 Each Through HealthyWage

We talked to three women who signed up for HealthyWage. Each one hoped putting money on the line would be enough to motivate them to reach their goals.

Spoiler: It worked.

1. Jaclyn Brown: Lost 132 Pounds, Won $5,294.12

Photos courtesy of Jaclyn Brown

Diets. Calorie-counting. Weight Watchers check-ins.

Jaclyn Brown thought she’d tried it all. This was 2015, and she weighed 272 pounds.

“Being that big is extremely uncomfortable,” she says. “It’s a struggle finding something to wear in the morning [which] kind of sets your whole day up to be a bad day.”

But nothing seemed to work. On a whim, she Googled “ways to make money by losing weight.” Maybe money could keep her motivated.

That’s when she landed on HealthyWage. She bet $100 a month that she could lose 132 pounds in 18 months.

She was left with two choices: Lose the weight and win nearly $5,300 or lose $1,800.

This was enough motivation. Brown completely changed her lifestyle and guess what? She dropped 132 pounds — nearly half her body weight — and pocketed her winnings.

2. Teresa Suarez: Lost 60 Pounds, Won $2,415.28

“It was traumatic to see the scale say 266,” Teresa Suarez recalls. “I was depressed and constantly getting hurt.”

If she didn’t change her lifestyle soon, she knew she’d hit 300 pounds within a few months.

One day, while scrolling through Facebook, she stumbled upon HealthyWage. She placed a bet: If she could lose 60 pounds in six months — 10 pounds a month — she could pocket $2,415.28. If she didn’t? She’d have to forfeit $750.

That was enough to get her to turn her bad habits around. She began exercising and changed her diet. When she weighed in after six months, she’d done it — she’d lost the weight and won the money.

Because she set her own diet and exercise plan — no extreme diets or exercise regimens — Suarez was able to sustain her new healthy lifestyle.

“When I was on vacation in Cancun, I was doing lunges, crunches and burpees in my hotel room,” she says. “I can’t stand burpees, but now I do them.”

3. Christina Castro: Lost 84 pounds, Won $1,191

before and after weight loss photos of christina castro
Photos courtesy of Christina Castro

“You hear the stories about the plane seats, but you never think it’s going to be you,” Christina Castro says.

On her international flight home from her honeymoon, when she couldn’t buckle her seatbelt, Castro realized something had to change. She weighed close to 300 pounds. She wasn’t happy.

The 28-year-old researched ways to lose weight — “even though I’d failed so many times,” she admits.

That’s when she found HealthyWage. “I was like, ‘Wait, people will pay me to get healthy? I don’t have to lose thousands of dollars? I get thousands of dollars?’” she recalls thinking.

She bet $50 a month for six months that she’d lose 80 pounds. It took a lot of hard work and diligence, but Castro succeeded — and won $1,191.

“I was pulling shirts out of my closet that I hadn’t worn in years, just running around my house screaming to my husband, ‘Look what I’m wearing!’” she says.

How Much Money Could You Win?

It’s important to know that HealthyWage isn’t a magical fix. Nor is it a diet or exercise plan. It simply holds you accountable.

If you want to get paid to lose weight, here’s how to get started:

  1. Start at the HealthyWage prize calculator.
  2. Define a goal weight and the amount of time you’ll give yourself to achieve it.
  3. Place a bet on yourself ranging from $20 to $500 a month.
  4. Depending on how much you have to lose, how long you give yourself to do it and how much money you put on the table, you could win up to $10,000!

If you think money might motivate you to hit your goals, check out the HealthyWage prize calculator to see how much you could win.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at Codetic.

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