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DataCamp Review

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DataCamp Review

Introduction to DataCamp

The interactive e-learning platform DataCamp offers a large array of courses on topics related to Data Science.

The short duration and engaging design of DataCamp courses are attractive for the learners interested in active content. Its track programs and courses help you to gain new career paths and skills. The DataCamp works on basis of yearly and monthly subscription plans which you can cancel any time.

  • Interactive Learning Platform that covers excellent web-based code editor
  • Covers major data science language that includes R, Python, SQL
  • Free plan to try DataCamp basic beginner level
  • Clear pricing plans
  • Huge variety of course with DataCamp tracks available
  • User and beginner-friendly training
  • Lots of industry expert instructors
  • Lots of practical projects to choose from
  • Positive reviews about the course

Topics & Technologies 

DataCamp offers 300+ courses that explore various data science and analytics topics from Data Engineering and Data Manipulation to Machine Learning and Applied Science. 

DataCamp students can also filter courses by technology—the platform covers 11 of them, including Python, R, SQL, Power BI and even Excel and Spreadsheets.

There are also 90+ projects available that will not only let you learn independently and gain real-world experience but also give you the chance to create a data science portfolio you can use to advance your career. 

Courses structure

The majority of DataCamp courses are broken down into short, bite-sized lessons that combine video material and hands-on exercises for a truly interactive learning experience. These come in the form of interactive exercises that you can complete immediately inside the in-browser code editor. 

The more exercises you complete in the browser, the more points you will earn—the platform’s way of keeping you motivated and on track. 

What else does DataCamp offer?

Ease of use

You can try out DataCamp for free by signing in with your Linkedin, Facebook, or Google account or by entering your email address and password. 

You can find the same level of simplicity when you browse the platform’s catalogue. That said, courses and projects are divided by technology and topic, as opposed to other platforms that have advanced search filters making navigation much easier. 

On the plus side, there is a nifty assessment tool that lets you identify gaps in your knowledge, thus narrowing down the list of skills you need to focus on. 

DataCamp Workspace

The DataCamp Workspace is an online IDE that allows you to write code and analyse data. It comes with more than 20 preloaded datasets that you can analyse, as well as access to pre-written code so you start doing data science.

Treehouse and Codeacademy boast a browser-based code editor, but DataCamp lets you share published workspaces with other students and even allows you to collaborate with them by getting feedback and comments. 


A DataCamp certificate, also known as a Professional Data Scientist certification, is available to students who sign up for the Standard and Premium Plans. 

Note that not everyone is eligible and there are steps to be completed before you become certified. The certificate is also only valid for two years and it is not accredited, but it does give you the chance to prove you have the skills to compete in the job market.

If accreditation is a serious consideration, look into edX, FutureLearn or Coursera. Alternatively, you can give Pluralsight a try—courses are not accredited, but the platform can get you ready to take industry certification, like CompTIA and PMI.

DataCamp for Mobile 

DataCamp is accessible on almost all platforms.

You can choose a DataCamp subscription for desktop, which gives you a consistent learning experience across browsers and mobile devices. 

On the other hand, you can get a DataCamp app mobile-only subscription. Unlike Codecademy’s app, which is only for research and practice, the DataCamp app is fully functional and will provide you with unlimited access to courses, practice exercises and progress tracking.  

DataCamp Community

Anything support-related is placed on the DataCamp Resources page, where you can find news threads, a resource centre, tutorials, cheat sheets, chat rooms, and a podcast. 

It’s not only resource-rich, but it’s also a fantastic way to stay in touch with other students and data science experts and address issues, share code, or brainstorm ideas. 

All in all, Datacamp has a strong community, much more supportive and extensive than what you might find at other platforms. 


DataCamp has a subscription model with multiple plans. You can select any one out of three personal plans. 

  • The Free subscription, 
  • The Standard subscription priced $25/ month.
  • The Premium subscription priced $33.25/ month. 

The Standard account is the most preferred subscription model amongst users. The Premium and the Standard accounts are billed yearly. There is a currency converter at the top right corner making it convenient for the users to pay. Both monthly and yearly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and you will still be able to access the channel until the end of same month/year.

So, now you know how much you have to pay to get the monthly or yearly subscription of DataCamp. In the next two sections I’ll tell you about ease of access and content quality at the DataCamp.


As time passes, more and more data circulates the globe, and it is only important to understand and analyze this data to make sense of it. This stark and ever-changing reality is why many learners and even skilled professionals look for an avenue to learn and teach what they know to hone future programmers.

At present, there are a lot of different online learning platforms to choose from, and setting oneself up for a specific profession and field might be difficult.

However, that difficulty is what DataCamp is here to combat! It is an excellent online learning platform for anyone interested in beginning or continuing their programming journey. Whether it is a personal hobby or in pursuit of a career, DataCamp has the courses and tools you need to succeed.

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