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Get Paid $1,000 to Watch ‘The Office.’ Here’s How

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Get Paid $1,000 to Watch ‘The Office.’ Here’s How

To feel justified in binge-watching 45 straight episodes of The Office (again), you might normally need to be experiencing flu symptoms. We found a much better excuse: $1,000., an authorized retailer of satellite TV provider Dish Network, is dishing out a grand for someone to binge-watch the hit NBC series The Office ahead of the show’s 15th anniversary.

The prized gig is open only to adults in the U.S.

“Here’s the lowdown: the person who lands the gig will have 9 days to watch 15 hours of The Office (roughly 45 episodes),” USDish’s promo website stated. “As you’re watching, you’ll need to complete a checklist that tallies the number of common tropes that occur throughout each episode.”

That means you won’t be able to leave it playing in the background while you snuggle up with your furbaby. You’ll need to pay attention to things like: How many times did Stanley look into the camera and roll his eyes? How many deadpan Toby one-liners?

“The goal is to help us understand how often sitcoms repeat popular tropes,” the website states.

In addition to the checklist, the company encourages the lucky binge-watcher to share their unfiltered opinions and other updates on social media over the course of the nine-day gig. The company will sweeten the deal with The Office swag such as a “World’s Best Boss” mug, Jell-O, a stapler and the Dundie award.

To apply, visit the USDish website, scroll to the bottom and complete the submission form, which asks you for your full name, zip code, occupation and a 300- to 3,000-word response to the question: Are you The Office’s biggest fan?

To increase your chances of being selected, include a link to a video that creatively shows why you deserve the dream job.

The deadline to apply is March 16, 5 p.m. Mountain time (7 p.m. Eastern). If you are selected, USDish will notify you via email within five days of the deadline.

Adam Hardy is a staff writer at Codetic. He covers the gig economy, entrepreneurship and unique ways to make money. Read his ​latest articles here, or say hi on Twitter @hardyjournalism.

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