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Inventory Source Review

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Inventory Source Review

What is Inventory Source?

Launched back in 2003, Inventory Source is one of the largest providers of dropshipping data solutions in the world. This tool enables you to find your suppliers, manage your inventory, and allow you to be productive, as well as to automate tons of dropshipping tasks to make your day-to-day running of a dropshipping store easier.

Inventory Source is one of the veterans in the drop-shipping industry and has managed to retain its position as a reliable way to automate the goods and services. The platform brings thousands of items within the pressing of a button. With access to a free Integrated dropshipping supplier database, this tool will link you to specialty supplies no matter what your niche is.

Details of Inventory Source Features

Here are some of the features of Inventory Source that may interest you:

  • Order management

This feature lets you manage each order you get using the excellent order management tool. This tool guides you from ordering and filling your warehouse to order processing and shipping. Inventory Source permits you to streamline your ordering routine. This order management tool helps you order new stock from your supplier to fulfill customer orders.

  • Dropshipping

Another beautiful feature that Inventory Source offers. This dropshipping feature enables you to upload products into your e-commerce store automatically. Every SKU upload has attributes,  photos, descriptions, and many others. There are over two hundred dropship suppliers on Inventory Source, so you can easily sell your product on many e-commerce platforms.

  • Inventory Automation

This feature helps you place and monitor orders to eliminate entry errors, massively minimize manual data entry, and accelerate processing times. This feature saves you so much precious time and money. Furthermore, a consistent product feed shows that you can easily include new items to meet your customer’s demands, increasing customer satisfaction, and profitability.

  • Integrations

Inventory Source has many integrations with many large online marketplaces like Magento, Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, and many more to enjoy the best inventory software experience. This indicates that you will have access to many dropship suppliers to maximize profits on your e-commerce store.

All you need to do is upload your products, while Inventory Source lists your products on each e-commerce store you have signed up for. With this feature, you can streamline the entry process and thus concentrate on something more important.

  • Optimized sync

With this optimized sync feature that Inventory Source has, you can maintain absolute inventory accuracy and easily minimize overselling. Sync inventory and route orders to any of the online marketplaces you run your business in, accelerating orders and streamlining your fulfillment process.


Flexible Services: Inventory Source provides a range of services, ranging from inventory and order automation to TurnKey and Shopify drove personal storefronts, and you can pick and choose which ones you would like to receive.

Vast Product Selection: Inventory Source places hundreds of top manufacturers and over 1,000,000 products at your fingertips and can help you identify products or distributors that are not on their current list of suppliers.

Inventory and Order Automation: Inventory Source updates your inventory with the latest records from your suppliers in real-time, and now the company also forwards orders to suppliers and syncs shipment information with customers automatically.

Free Access Account: Inventory Source lets you use a free account for as long as you want, so you can see the vendor directory, the community features, and more before you start selling.

Inventory Source Pricing

As beneficial as Investor Source can be for your long-term drop-shipping needs, it is crucial that you evaluate the pricing structure of the platform before you sign up. At the end of the day, the plan you choose will depend on the size and needs of your business. The good news is Inventory Source has a flexible pricing structure – allowing you to select a plan that best suits your business needs.

Free Directory Account

Investor Source offers a free plan that may be sufficient depending on the size of your business. It won’t cost you anything to build a free Directory Account that gives you access to a range of platform features. This includes a list of dropshipping vendors, contact information as well as a preview of the goods.

However, while this package is branded as free, it is simply a trial, to the point that you would need to upgrade if you want to have access to its full suite of services. The main benefit here is that Inventory Source offers supplier information free of charge, irrespective of the pricing plan you select. So, if you’re considering the service for what it does best, then there are a few different automation plans to choose from.

Inventory Automation

Inventory Automation has two popular plans, a Basic plan at $99 per month and a Plus plan at $125 per month.

  • The Basic Plan provides a single integration with product and inventory synchronization. It also has a limit of 50,000 for SKUs and a fee of $50 per month for additional integrations. If you’re just starting out in the dropshipping world, this strategy is probably going to work best for you.
  • The Plus Package has two integrations and $25 for additional connections. It also increases the SKU cap to 250,000 and provides two integrations. If you end up forming ties with more than one supplier and grow your business further, you may want to take a look at the Plus plan.

It’s worth remembering that Inventory Automation’s features only handle inventory syncing. This means while the availability of goods will be handled automatically, you will also need to make sure that they are in stock. You would also need to make order processing simpler manually and check each order before you submit the details to your supplier. If you want to take advantage of the full suite of what Inventory Source provides, you may need to consider upgrading to the Full Automation (most expensive plan) at $150/month.

Full Automation

If you are a competent dropshipper with sophisticated business needs, then Full Automation is likely to be the way forward. In addition to product automation, you can also obtain a multi-supplier order routing facility along with automated order processing. Shipment monitoring synchronization is a perfect addition to track where shipments come from and handle them effectively.

The Basic Full Automation Package will cost you $150 per month, while the Plus Full Automation option will cost you $225 per month. In all plans, you have to pay an extra $50 a month for new integrations. If you want a full-fledged Dropship Management Platform, then Inventory Source provides FLXpoint enterprise-level services. This plan starts at $399 a month, but you’re going to have an eCommerce website that mostly runs on its own.

Inventory Source Review Conclusions

Inventory Source is one of the best dropshipping websites you can use if you have an online store. It will help you automate sales reporting, order routing, inventory syncs, product uploads, and vendor management. Based on our Inventory Source review, this online store inventory management software has partnerships with over two hundred dropship suppliers.

It allows you to add drop ship products to any online store, marketplace, or e-commerce platform. In addition, businesses can select to include product data from both existing and private suppliers.

This is the best platform you can use to manage your inventory online. Usually, inventory updates are synced consistently to prevent online stores from selling out-of-stock products to customers. Inventory Source has amazing integrations with many e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. Also, Inventory Source is not so pricey. Its pricing plans are affordable, and you can take advantage of its free plan to find out if this is the tool you need for your business!

Dropship Automation Software & 240+ Pre-Integrated Dropship Suppliers.

Create a Free Account Here: Inventory Source

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