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Iolo System Mechanic Review

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Iolo System Mechanic Review

Update: A recent change to Iolo’s checkout process means you will be automatically subscribed to a $19.99 (about £15 / AU$25) per month support package when you purchase a product. This is a very large extra charge, so make sure to double-check before entering your payment details.

Iolo System Mechanic is a system utility designed to speed up your PC, protect your online privacy, and block malware threats. It pools a long list of tweaks, optimizations, and scans into one program, and just by clicking one big button, you can clean up your computer’s file system and security settings.

Get the new System Mechanic 21 for only $29.95[normally $49.95]. Coupon code: SM95

System Mechanic Product Features and Tools

In this part of our Iolo System Mechanic Pro review, we will talk about its features and tools. The System Mechanic family has three products:

  1. System Mechanic
  2. System Mechanic Professional
  3. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

In general, System Mechanic has a series of next-generation automated maintenance tools that help keep computers clean, and stable. They dig deeper into the system to smoothly and swiftly adjust the processor, hard drive, and memory settings for optimum performance and speed.

System Mechanic comes into action whenever your computer is idle and consistently removes junk files, registry fragments, and other clutter that may affect Windows’s speed and performance.

In our review of System Mechanic, we’ll explore the features in detail.


PC Cleanup 

This feature helps clean out Windows files and junk from the internet. It uninstalls programs that are not needed and repairs registry errors for privacy protection. It basically helps speed up PC and frees up disk space.

Advanced Uninstaller 

With this, you can completely uninstall application files to avoid slow PC performance and improve drive capacity.

Keep Hard Drive Clean and Error Free 

It automatically deletes junk files that are left behind by system freezes, sudden restarts, and untidy programs. It can help you promptly fix hundreds of errors that involve system components, installed hardware, software, and hard drive.

Speeding Up

Net Booster

Iolo reviews highlight the Net Booster as one of the greatest features for boosting PCs. It allows you to custom-tune over a dozen hidden DNS and TCP/IP settings for the speedy broadband experience.

Disk Defragmenter

It defragments data files, which helps improve disk read and write speed, thereby offering you better and faster file access.

Program Accelerator 

Most Iolo System Mechanic reviews praise the Program Accelerator. This is the feature that realigns programs on the hard drive. By realigning the files, you can speed up the system and its programs.

Maximize Free Memory

This feature helps free RAM by idle apps that improve system stability and enhance speed. Moreover, the deep cleaning mode flushes the memory capacity and only reloads the applications that are needed.

Now let’s focus on privacy and data protection because the last thing you want is to become a victim of cybercrime or identity theft.

Privacy Shield 

The Privacy Shield is best when it comes to recovering privacy in Windows 10. The features work by turning off Microsoft’s aggressive new personal data collection services that are difficult to disable fully otherwise. This will ensure that the information about your web browsing habits, sites, and program usage is not being collected. Put simply, the Privacy Shield allows you to opt-out of sharing personal data.

You can also disable location services. These days, laptops, and tablets are built-in with location devices like proximity sensors, WIFI technologies, and GPS modules. They help vendors provide highly precise information about the users’ past and current locations, which can be sold to third parties for targeted advertising and profiling. However, for those users who don’t want to share this information can genuinely benefit from the Privacy Shield feature of System Mechanic.

Another significant aspect of the Privacy Shield is that it also disables the smart screen service. This is a service that collects data from users’ web browsing history and then sends it to Microsoft. Simply stated, the privacy shield is indeed the best way for Iolo developers to keep users of System Mechanic protected from compromised computing experience.

Security Optimizer 

Hackers, malware, and other internet dangers pose a high-risk and wreak havoc by destroying data, causing computer damage, and enabling identity theft. Apart from the usual options, the Security optimizer feature is a great way to bolster system protection and take it to the next level. It finds and repairs security flaws and errors in your Windows system before they become a risk.

Registry Backup

Since we are doing a System Mechanic Iolo review, how can we miss the registry backup tool? As the name suggests, the Registry Backup allows users to protect their registry by carrying out regular backups. It is essential to do so because the system registry is critical to your PC’s ability to run correctly. 

System Guard 

The System Guard helps stop malicious programs from loading on your system and blocking changes to internet pages. With this feature, you can configure automatic system defense. Hidden files can change your browser’s search page or homepage pointing towards their website. But the System Guard protects you from it by blocking unauthorized changes to your PC without your permission. 

Apart from System Guard, another tool we want to shed light on in our System Mechanic review for 2020 is the Incinerator. Here’s why:

The Incinerator

This works like a recycle bin with a military-grade file shredding technique. It combines the separate desktop strength into the standard Recycle bin of Windows.  Therefore, it gives you the ability to delete files using Iolo’s incinerator technology. It securely and permanently deletes files and folders in Windows.

System Restore

This feature gives you the power and flexibility to undo recent changes. So, if you want some files back, the restore feature can help you retrieve them quickly without any hassle.


ActiveCare is a tool that ensures smooth and effective PC optimization. This involves a series of processes that run when you leave your system idle. It stabilizes and declutters the PC to ensure the best overall system health. It silently checks for and repairs a computer by diagnosing, tuning, and fixing as required. The ActiveCare activity stops the moment you’re back to work. This ensures a healthier and faster system with minimal disturbance while no maintenance activity interferes with your use of the PC.


We’re pretty sure that one of the reasons why you turned to our System Mechanic Review was because you wanted to speed up your PC. Enter PowerSense. Speeding up your computer has never been this simple. With this feature, you can ensure a real-time performance boost. It helps optimize the speed and availability of your RAM, CPU, and other storage drives.

PowerSense allows you to automatically switch off your processor’s settings to accommodate your computing’s central functions. It quickly adjusts the resources of the PC when it sees the user working on high demand applications or where good system stamina is needed. Also, it can scale back at less system taxing time, which helps save power.

PowerSense includes built-in modes. These are finely tuned improvements. Reviews of System Mechanic praise it and here’s why:


This helps speed up processor cores by turning non-essential processes. This action delivers you maximum system speed whenever the Steam game platform is launched.

Video and Music Production

When more than twelve video or music programs are launched like Premiere after effects, the tool shutters background processes for optimum performance.

Graphics/CAD Design

This power mode comes into action whenever you launch graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Prelude, Paint Shop, Designer Pro, Maya 3D, EdgeCam, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, etc.


It engages when one of the following programming apps is launched: Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi Desktop, Cross Compiler, Command Line Compiler, Netbeans Java, MadCap Flare, and Lazarus.

Maximum Battery

This mode helps scale back processor cores to 25% of maximum speed. Moreover, it reduces screen brightness to 60% and turns the hard drive off after five idle minutes.

Now, here’s what else we found pretty important to mention in our System Mechanic review:


Many System Mechanic reviews mention OptiCore but fail to explain it in detail. We’ve got you. 

This feature is known to end two decades of PC industry frustration related to the system speed compromise due to low priority programs. Opticore is a cutting-edge technology that prevents low-priority programs from system corruption, PC lags, and freezes. It increases PC responsiveness and is considered a significant milestone in the PC optimization domain. Opticore is an excellent feature for speeding up Windows 10. 


Another feature that puts System Mechanic among the best PC optimization software today. It takes back the trapped and disjoined memory that is used by idle programs. It then adds it to the overall cache of available fast memory.

This tool perceives the exact times when the system is taxed by heavy workloads and reallocated RAM. Furthermore, when the available RAM falls below 35% of the total memory, RAMJet goes through the system, searching for trapped memory to clean up space. You’ll notice an improved system performance almost immediately. 

With RAMjet, you also get back precious RAM in real-time, thereby sparing you from running separate tools or worse – reboot. 


This tool enables file writing to disk in contiguous batches, thereby improving the system’s overall performance and reducing the need for secondary file defragmentation.

Interface/Ease of Use 

System Mechanic has a user-friendly interface. The program is super easy to browse through, as we discovered when testing it for this System Mechanic review. All the options are in detail so that you can have maximum control over them and use them to your full advantage.

All tools and features are listed with subcategories and can be initiated in just one-click.

Customer Support

You can reach the customer support team online and by phone. You can call them at 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and scheduled maintenance periods. Also, phone support is only available in English.

For queries and product support, log on to their customer care portal. You’ll find all your answers there. 

System Mechanic Pricing

Time to talk about money in our System Mechanic review. 

The price of all three products varies, but we have to warn you – it is pricey. The good news is that there are some pretty neat discounts at the time of writing. Take a look:

  • System Mechanic (The basic version) is available for $39.96  and it’s discounted. If you invest in it now, you can save $9.99. The usual price is $49.95.
  • System Mechanic Pro is available for $55.96 (discount). 
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is worth $63.96 and it is also discounted. The regular price is  $79.95. This version of System Mechanic is a total package for all your privacy, security, and performance needs. Moreover, it has a super convenient interface, which makes it easy to use. What more can you ask for?


From working as a computer tune-up to the best PC optimizer, System Mechanic is a powerhouse. It can help you address registry problems, clean up obsolete and junk files, accelerate downloads, and speed up PCs. You can get started with the trial version and then upgrade to the professional or the ultimate defense version to avail maximum benefits.

Get the new System Mechanic 21 for only $29.95[normally $49.95]. Coupon code: SM95

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