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Jobber Review 2020

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Jobber Review 2020

What is Jobber?

Jobber is an online field service management solution designed to help expand the capabilities of small businesses. Easy to use and reliable, it caters to thousands of field service providers and their office administrators in their need to boost operational efficiency. Through Jobber’s wide array of robust tools, small businesses will be able to offer top-of-the-line service experience without considerably affecting their typically tight budget and limited resources. 

This platform offers a wide array of benefits. Jobber’s client hub is a self-serve portal that allows your customers to approve quotes, check appointment details, pay outstanding invoices, print receipts, or request for more work at any time. Jobber is highly flexible that you can easily make job quotations, plan work schedules, and create invoices using either desktops or mobile device with just a few clicks. It also helps you prepare job routes, monitor, and deploy individual and teams without the usual hassle and intricacies. Its efficient communication tools provide timely notifications and conversations with your clients, while its integration features allow users to take advantage of benefits like automatic syncing with accounting apps and other solutions that you and your team are already familiar with.

Jobber is designed to help organize professional services firms in managing their teams of service experts that include plumbers, landscapers, residential cleaners, general contractors, and many more. With Jobber, you’ll be able to send invoices faster, thus you’ll get paid more quickly. What’s more, the vendor’s team of committed customer support is readily accessible for help 24/7.

From the demand for effective scheduling to reliable client monitoring to reporting, businesses use Jobber to address their diverse requirements. Still, they all have that same need for a dependable solution that can help them better manage their businesses, which this platform is specifically made to provide.

Overview of Jobber Benefits

Jobber is designed to be a central hub for managing your business. Its user-friendly tools help your various business aspects—customer service, operations, and sales—achieve efficiency using a single location.

Quality Service Experience

With Jobber, you will have ready access to indispensable tools in providing quality service to your clients. It removes the burdensome paperwork, repetitive data entry tasks, and manual practices which is why this platform is known among its clients as helpful in providing time and cost savings. With all the cumbersome tasks eliminated, you can focus on more important things like leading your business to further growth.

Reliable Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling is always difficult, even if you have enough manpower to deploy. With just a few clicks, this solution allows you to easily generate jobs, select clients, and assign to your teams. Jobber provides the flexibility that you need to perform your business tasks faster and more efficiently. Its multiple calendar views help a lot in deploying your team properly and on a timely basis as it provides a clearer view of your team’s availability.

Efficient Invoicing

Business owners and managers are usually busy, but this is not a good excuse to overlook billing your clients. Using Jobber’s customizable invoicing process, your invoicing can become easier so you’ll get paid faster. Aside from reminding you when to make and send invoices, users can benefit from its other features such as payment tracking, batch invoicing, invoice templates, and past due notifications.

Seamless Client Relationship Management

Its CRM tools allow businesses to closely monitor important customers wherever they are—out in the field while traveling, and in the office. It helps businesses become more organized and professional especially when dealing with their clients. Jobber’s CRM features include note linking, notes and attachments, client search, and full client history.

Convenient & Secure Jobber Payments

Simple to set up, Jobber Payments allows you to accept payments via credit cards anywhere, in the office or even in the field. When you send invoices to your clients, they also have the option to pay via your client hub. This tool enables you to vault customer information securely and, once the job is completed, charge them automatically.

Quick & Easy Job Management

With Jobber, you can effortlessly create jobs, convert job quotes or requests into actual work, or arrange for new job assignments on the fly. Comprehensive job requirements can easily be determined as this solution integrates service notes and items with customer and property information. Use Jobber’s calendar to easily check ongoing jobs and readily assign or change assignments of your team members. You can also quickly notify your team members via their mobile app about any new or changes in schedules.

Easy Expense Monitoring

You and your team will gain complete control of every project cost as Jobber allows easy expense tracking any time and wherever you are. Even when you make purchases on the field, you can simply take photos of receipts and upload them via the Jobber app, ensuring that all your records are updated and with their corresponding attachments.

Time & GPS Tracking

With Jobber, you can have complete control of your project teams and even know their various locations in real time via GPS tracking and waypoints. A pin is automatically dropped in its in-app map every time they clock in, make an invoice, or modify/update job details, so you can easily monitor the precise locations of their activities. This helps a lot in the job, HR management, and financial monitoring and recording of your projects, among its many benefits.

Overview of Jobber Features

Jobber Plans and Pricing

You can’t make an educated decision on a field service software for your business before you know how much it costs. Depending on the size of your business, the number of clients you service, and how many people you have managing your team, you could be paying completely different prices. Fortunately, Jobber provides three different payment options for your particular needs.

The Core pricing plan from Jobber costs $69 per month, comes with standards features, and allows two users access to the software. The Connect package comes with a few additional features, allows ten users access to the software, and costs $129 per month. Finally, the Unlimited package comes in at $259 per month and, you guessed it, allows unlimited users access to the software.

Choosing a plan can be hard, but if you get a tailored quote today, you’ll have a better idea of what your company needs when it comes to field service software. In fact, by using TechCo’s price comparison service you can directly compare a range of leading field service software providers, not just one- so you can find the best deal for your specific business, in minutes.

Painter Enterprise

When Painter Enterprise was founded in 2003, organizing your business with carbon copies was hardly considered a bad idea. However, now that we’re firmly in the digital age, trying to manage employees, schedule jobs, invoice customers, and provide customer service is downright impossible with just paper.

The Painter Enterprise founders wanted to modernize their system, but hated the idea of having to use multiple softwares to get the job done. Jobber provided the all-in-one platform they needed to not only manage existing business, but also scale and grow seamlessly, thanks to the largely automated system.

Not only has Painter Enterprise now reached out to more customers and grown their business, they’ve also begun offering more services because managers don’t spend all their time organizing papers and tracking employees; Jobber does it for them!

Jobber Software: The Verdict

Jobber is typically found at the top of most field service software review sites, and the main reason is their customer support. Particularly impressive, for the relatively low price, Jobber’s customer support team is available whenever you need them, making it feel like a premium service for pool service, HVAC companies and everything in between.

As for their features, they aren’t particularly groundbreaking, but they are notably easy to use. All in all, Jobber is a safe bet for anyone, but particularly for businesses that might be new to the field service software world. To make sure it’s even safer, be sure to grab a customized quote by filling out our free field service software quotes form now.

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