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Make Summer Money by Renting Pool and More

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Make Summer Money by Renting Pool and More

Looking for a way to make more money this summer?

If you’ve got a love for water and an entrepreneurial spirit, there are plenty of ways to bring in some extra cash over the next few months. If you have maritime property, you can rent it out to those seeking outdoor adventure. Or, you can travel to aquatic locations to teach others how to enjoy the water themselves.

Here are four side hustles that can help you monetize your love of water.

Rent Out Your Pool

Have a backyard oasis? You can rent it out for extra cash this summer with Swimply — the Airbnb of private pools. The amount you can make varies based on location and your property. For example, in Los Angeles, some of the most popular listings range from $45-$130 an hour.

Signing up for Swimply is free, though you will be charged a 15% service fee at the time of booking. After signing up, you’ll add a description and images of your pool, which Swimply says can take less than five minutes. You’ll then set the price per hour for renting your pool. Pools with restrooms available to guests book for the highest rates. If you don’t want to let guests into your home, Swimply does provide the option to rent a portable toilet from one of their partners.

Guests will pay in full at the time of booking, passing along the profit to you after Swimply takes out its service fees.

As long as your pool is located in the US, Swimply offers liability insurance to the tune of $1 million with an essential deductible of $250-$500 for you as the host. Your property will be covered up to $10,000 in case of any damage caused by your pool renters.

Rent Out Your Boat

If you have a boat, you can loan it out to those looking for a nautical adventure. The GetMyBoat app connects you with those who want to rent, and even allows you to add in your own services as a captain should you so choose.

Currently, GetMyBoat allows watercraft owners to rent out their:

  • Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Pontoons
  • Sailboats
  • Yachts
  • Paddleboards
  • Houseboats
  • Kayaks

The amount you can charge varies widely depending on your watercraft. In GetMyBoat’s top cities, you can currently rent a pontoon for $50 an hour or a yacht for $1,000 an hour.

You can also run your own charter if you have a fishing boat, a whale watching boat or want to take people on scuba dive tours.

At the time of booking, the renter must pay in full. GetMyBoatl takes an 8.5% commission from you as the host, and a 7.5% commission from the guest. GetMyBoat does not provide insurance, but you can charge a security deposit that will only be applied post-rental should you run into any troubles.

Become an Itinerant Swim Instructor

If you’re good with kids and enjoy teaching, you could also consider a side hustle as an itinerant swim instructor. In this position, you travel to local neighborhood pools or private pools in clients’ backyards to give swim lessons.

These companies connect instructors and students’ families:

Depending on which company you use and your experience level, you can make from $15 an hour to $60 an hour.

Create an Airbnb Experience

You know your locality better than anyone else. You can use that knowledge to host an Airbnb experience for out-of-town visitors on your local body of water. Whether you want to lead a kayak tour through your local lagoon or host a summer cruise out on the river, getting listed as an Airbnb Experience can be a great way to bring in extra cash.

Airbnb provides $1M in liability insurance for most accidents — outside of driving or flying. When a guest books your experience, Airbnb will take a 20% fee.

Pittsburgh-based writer Brynne Conroy is the founder of the Femme Frugality blog and the author of “The Feminist Financial Handbook.” She is a regular contributor to Codetic.

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