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Play Online Games for Real Money on this Free Game App

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Play Online Games for Real Money on this Free Game App

What’s your favorite game to play on your phone? Is it spider solitaire or cube solitaire? Do you like bubble shooter games? How about block puzzle games or bingo?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could win real cash competing in your favorite games?

That’s the idea behind Mobile Premier League, a gaming app that offers a bunch of classic online games and the opportunity to win cash prizes by competing against other players.

Other gaming apps typically only offer one game per app. But once you download Mobile Premier League’s app, you’ll have your choice of nearly a dozen popular online games. These include cube and spider solitaire, bubble shooter, baseball, bingo, block puzzle, “Fruit Chop,” “Matching Master,” 21 Puzzle, billiards and bowling.

The app is free to join, and you can play free practice versions of the games for as long as you want. Or you can enter daily cash tournaments or head-to-head matches to win money.

When you first sign up to enter tournaments, you get $5 in bonus cash just for joining. You can use that money to start playing in cash tournaments, to see if the app is for you.

Whenever we sign on to the app, we always see several different tournaments available.

Entry fees for tournaments range from 25 cents to $6. Currently, the pool of winnings for each tournament can go up to $1,250, although a prize pool that big will get split up among hundreds of winners. The most that a single player can win in a tournament is $40, but Mobile Premier League plans to add bigger tournaments soon.

Your winnings get deposited into your Mobile Premier League account, and you can pay yourself via PayPal or a simple bank transfer. (That $5 in bonus cash you get when you join? That’s just for the games. You can’t keep it — you only get to keep your winnings.)

Mobile Premier League has many of the old-school games that you may have played on an early mobile phone, a Gameboy or a personal computer, so chances are, you’ll find something you like.

Whether your game is cube solitaire, bubble shooters or bingo, it’s easy to download the app and start playing.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at Codetic. His preferred game on Mobile Premier League is 8 Ball Blast.

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