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Tips for a Healthy Mouth, Teeth and Gums

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Tips for a Healthy Mouth, Teeth and Gums

Whether we’re talking, singing, eating or kissing, our mouths are really there for us.

Why not show it a little appreciation in return on March 20, World Oral Health Day?

You Know the Drill

The American Dental Association recommends brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing once daily. 

I get it. All that mouth maintenance can be tough to stick to on a regular schedule.

Life happens, things get in the way, and before you know it your container of floss is gathering dust in a dark corner of your bathroom medicine cabinet.

But ignoring your teeth and gums can set you up for gingivitis or gum disease

That can lead to serious consequences, like tooth loss or even heart problems.

Not to mention hefty medical bills

Cavities and gum inflammation aren’t the only things your dentist is looking for when he peers into your mouth. Oral symptoms like bleeding gums and tooth erosion can alert dentists to other health problems you may not realize you have. 

“Don’t underestimate your oral health,” says Dr. Mark Burhenne, a family dentist and creator of “Good health starts with your mouth.” 

How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Happy

Oral health care and regular dental visits aren’t anyone’s ideas of a party, but they’re important to our overall health and well-being. 

Try to avoid sugary drinks, juice and soda, recommends Dr. Burhenne. They can lead to dry mouth and bad breath. 

He also suggests people avoid coffee, tea and alcohol, which can cause dehydration of the teeth. 

“Teeth can dehydrate because they’re basically calcified sponges and that can lead to sensitive teeth and decay,” he says. “If you’re thirsty, first think of water.”

“Part of good oral health is the health of the airway,” says Dr. Burhenne. He recommends people get screened for sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to repeatedly stop breathing while sleeping because of an airway obstruction.  

Dr. Burhenne says many people lose or damage their teeth playing sports, so he recommends wearing a mouthguard during physical activity that could impact your face. In fact, he even wears a mouthguard when he rides his bicycle around town. 

How to Save Money on Oral Health Care

If you can’t afford dental insurance, there are a few ways to find dental care for less.

If you still need convincing to make that dentist appointment, consider this. If you keep your teeth in good shape, you can enjoy National Candy Day guilt-free!

Lisa McGreevy is a former staff writer for Codetic.

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