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What Can You Buy With a Flexible Spending Account

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What Can You Buy With a Flexible Spending Account

Many of us use our flexible spending accounts to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses like doctor visit co-pays or medications that aren’t covered under medical insurance.

For example, surprisingly, sunscreen is considered an FSA reimbursable expense

It’s true! The IRS has a handy list of medical supplies and services covered by your FSA. That’s the list for preparing your 2018 returns, but no recent updates have been published since that time.

You’ll find even more products and supplies when you search for FSA-eligible products and services at or by searching for FSA-eligible products on Amazon.  

What Can You Buy With a Flexible Spending Account?

So what can you buy with a flexible spending account? Here are a few highlights that may also surprise you.

  • Take care of your lips with moisturizing lip balm. Your best bet is to invest in lip care products with sunscreen to take lip care to the next level. 
  • Your FSA covers a variety of family planning and sexual health products like condoms and STI test kits.

It can be tough to tell what products and services are covered by your FSA. If you aren’t sure, check with a tax professional or check directly with the IRS. 

“If you can’t find the expense you are looking for, refer to the definition of medical expenses under What Are Medical Expenses,” says the IRS.

Lisa McGreevy is a former staff writer at Codetic. 

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